Each of these prints is a photograph I took of my own sculpture or specimen collection and then -meticulously- manipulated to look like an antique specimen photograph. The idea was to take period-style images of the relics I have been sculpting and decorate my Curiosity Shelf with them. The result came out even better than I had hoped! 

These prints look amazing paired with other items. They also make *EXCELLENT* mood-setting pieces for that special party, game, or decorating theme. Use them as a central display or sort of 'hide' them in and see if anybody notices that something is a little... amiss... with the photo... 

The prints themselves are high-quality gicleé prints and cut to around 3.5x4.25." They are modeled after some vintage photographs my grandmother had. We mount the prints on sharp black matboard with old fashioned golden photo corners. The title label beneath to presents a museum-style display. Your piece is then slipped into a crystal clear protective polybag and shipped to you! Ready to be placed in any standard 4x6 frame or, just display as-is!

Just let me know which print you want! You can use the title or the number or both.

(frame and bones and stuff not included!)

Print-Mounted Vintage Curious Image


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